Diana Vela - Talent Acquisition & Development Manager, Colombia

Joining at HMCL is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. This is a company that has believed in me as much as I believe in it, and has given me the chance to grow, learn and support the business in many different ways. This company means to me learning about mobility in the world, facing challenges, passion, growing into a professional and most of all it’s about having fun!

Shubham Rawat, Hero Innovation Cell, Corporate Office

HMCL, as the first workplace, really holds a special place in my life, as the experiences in the organisation have been very formative in shaping me. From joining as a GET to now serving as a Program lead, I could never have imagined the trajectory I would follow at HMCL.
I have had the opportunity to work with great mentors and teams. The experience of the last 4.5 years has changed my attitude from taking accountability to ownership, turning me into a more open, empathetic, and confident person!

TamilSelvan E – SAS, AO Chennai

I would like to thank our Organization for the support during lockdown.

During Lockdown 1.0 , when i had medical emergency at my native place , my seniors and HR helped in getting approval from vertical head with in 3 hrs time.

I still remember whole night you were getting my travel update and you have ensured my safety till the time I reach home. Especially I would like to thank South HR Mr. Guru Prasad and Naveen Sir for the care and support during the situation!

Chitra Zutshi (MT - Class of 2020) - QA, Gurgaon Plant

Being a management trainee, I got the opportunity to work for the Enterprise Leaders and in turn, received their valuable guidance on how I can tap into and enhance my potential. I hope to continue this journey of learning and fun at Hero, with my super talented peers & mentors!

Rohini Kumari-Plant Operations, Dharuhera Plant

When I came to know that I am going to be a mother, my biggest concern was how I would manage office during pregnancy and post maternity leaves. However, after going through the HR policies of Hero I was quite relaxed, reduced working hours after maternity leaves, WFH, crèche facility inside plant helped me a lot in balancing the work  along with my child.

During Covid-19 pandemic when crèche was not operational, I got the opportunity to do WFH by my manager so that I can take care of my child at home while working!

Shreya Chaudhary, Global Business, Corporate Office

The amount of exposure and opportunities which Hero has given me in a very short span of time is unparalleled. I have had the chance to work along with people of over 20 different nationalities, spread across 4 continents. This has not only led me to experience the rich cultural diversity, but has also helped me develop a more holistic business understanding. Hero has believed in me more than I believe in myself, and I certainly couldn't have asked for a better start to my career!

David Lopez, Head of Section - Functional Development, CIT Jaipur

 I joined Hero four years ago and I'm looking forward to many more years to come within this family. I love the atmosphere in CIT, the opportunities for professional growth and our state of the art facilities. I truly admire the company's approach towards innovation and customer experience excellence. In Hero, the sky is truly the limit !

Shailey Kaushik - SS&SC, Gurgaon Plant

Often, there is lot of anxiety in the minds of new mothers joining back offices. I am fortunate to be working with HMCL, which supports new mothers to transition back to work smoothly. Benefits such as extended maternity leave for 210 days, two days’ Work from Home per week, 1.5 hours nursing break daily, daycare facility and a supporting team definitely makes it easier for returning mothers, both professionally and personally!

Jay Wagh (GET-Class of 2020)-R&D, CIT Jaipur

The induction has been very helpful to understand different departments and how they work. Different corporate policies that were explained in the first couple of days were new for us. After learning about all the systems, I now realize how the company tries its best to provide opportunities and good working conditions for all employees!