Leadership & Advisory Support

At HMCL, we have always been  committed towards providing a conducive and sustainable work environment. With continuous focus from Leadership on DE&I, we have put in place industry first practices and processes that are aimed to foster Inclusive culture

  • New Parental Benefits
  • Women in Leadership Program
  • Day Care Policy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Trans-Inclusive Policy
  • Special Travel Policy

Culture & Mindset

We continue to strive towards creating a sense of belonging for every employee to become an  INCLUSIVE ally through an array of activities such as:

  • Gender Sensitization
  • Sign Language Workshop
  • Gamification/online quizzes
  • D&I Talk Series
  • Unconscious Bias Training
  • United Nation WEPs Association

Recruitment & Selection

At HMCL, Recruitment strategies  have always been aligned with the D&I agenda. Our endeavor is to infuse gender equality and aim to create a more sustainable talent pipeline

Practices followed to meet the dual demands of an increasingly diverse talent pool and rapidly-changing work landscape are:

  • Project Tejaswini [Women @ Shopfloor]
  • Opportunities for Diversity Talent at Leadership Positions
  • Strengthening our Diversity talent via Campus Outreach
  • Enhanced Employee Referral Program
  • Inclusivity in Interview Processes



Hero MotoCorp is committed to build an Equitable Workplace, rooted in Inclusivity and Belongingness. This International Women's Day 2022, we exhibited the courage to challenge the biases, evolved to be a change agent and a catalyst to Break the Bias and celebrated an equal world not limited to prejudices, biases and stereotypes. #BreakTheBias




International Women's Day is a great opportunity to recognise the significant women in all our lives. Introducing the Women of Hero MotoCorp Ltd. as they share some of their own insights around their career journey, work environment and how they all choose to challenge