Leadership & Advisory Support

Putting in place inclusive practices and  process through leadership support:

We have always been cognizant that in absence of a  conducive and enabling environment none of the  strategies could be implemented or sustained in a  longer run. Our leadership’s focus and commitment  towards the agenda of inclusion & diversity enables a  strong supportive base for all the other efforts. We  have put in place several inclusive practices and  processes that are aimed to foster Inclusiveness such  as:

  • Maternity/Paternity Benefits
  • Women in Leadership Program 
  • Day Care Policy
  • Special Travel policy
  • Restricted Holidays
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy for Trans-Inclusion         in Workplace                                                                   

Culture & Mindset

Valuing  Individuality  and  Building Belongingness through unlearning biases:

One of the biggest challenge is to overcome the  beliefs and unconscious biases that resist inclusion,  which can be changed only through focused  interventions around mindset and culture. Culture is  built on the foundation of people, and hence our  initiatives are directed to bring the change in people.  A few people can act as catalyst to change the  mindset of a larger base, leading to a change in  culture. We continue to strive towards creating a  sense of belonging for every employee to become an  INCLUSIVE ally through an array of activities such as:


  • Gender Sensitization – to bring the mindset shift
  • Sign Language Workshop
  • Gamification/online quizzes
  • D&I Talk Series
  • Unconscious Bias Training
  • United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles                     Association


Recruitment & Selection

Winning The Diversity Talent War:

In our endeavor to infuse gender equality and aim to create a more sustainable talent pipeline, HMCL always strives to align its diversity and recruitment strategies. This is important since diversity efforts operating in a silo will not achieve the desired goal. In order to meet the dual demands of an increasingly diverse talent pool and rapidly-changing work landscape, we do lot of things such as:

•Expanding reach of Diverse talent pool through various 

•Project Tejaswini [Women @ Shopfloor], a program specially seeded to pace the presence of Women across our plant locations. Starting with zero women at the shop floor at the beginning of FY'16-17, Hero has seen the landmark milestone of 1000+ and counting!

•Incentivizing recruitment consultants for Diversity hiring.

•Campus Outreach, whereby Campus helps serve as a nodal route for us to strengthen our Diversity talent. We have empanelled with few "women only" engineering colleges so as to build a strong pipeline.

•Refreshing our interview processes to make it more inclusive and bias-free.  The ‘Cerebral equality’ is what we want to focus upon in the long run where we provide equal opportunities to all.





At Hero, our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion means welcoming a change that ends unconscious bias, discrimination and lack of representation women face. We stand up for gender equity, demonstrate inclusive behaviours and raise awareness among others and choose to challenge inequality, choose to foster an inclusive environment where women can thrive and expand their personal and professional opportunities.




International Women's Day is a great opportunity to recognise the significant women in all our lives. Introducing the Women of Hero MotoCorp Ltd. as they share some of their own insights around their career journey, work environment and how they all choose to challenge.